Mikey’s Muffins are paleo friendly, low calorie, multi-purpose english muffin for those who cannot or choose not to eat gluten, dairy, soy, or grain products. By utilizing almonds for their rich flavor and incredible versatility, we were able to create a toastable english muffin with great taste and texture that fits all of our criteria. At Mikey's Muffins we believe that we have broken the mold and given people with certain food allergies or health restrictions a delicious option to reintroduce a clean bread product in their daily lives. 

Mikey's Muffins are best if toasted under your oven's broiler. Alternatively a toaster oven or bagel toaster can be used. Like many gluten free baked goods, Mikey's Muffins do take a little longer to toast than traditional grain bread. With this in mind, it may take an additional cycle in your toaster over or bagel toaster to achieve the perfect toast.

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Posted by Mikey's Muffins on Thursday, April 9, 2015

​Mikey’s Muffins are paleo friendly, low calorie, multi-purpose english muffins for those who cannot or choose not to eat gluten, dairy, soy, or grain products.

Simplicity and clean eating is the driving force behind what we do.

Six Ingredients. One Muffin.