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They said it couldn’t be done: clean eating + dense nutrition + great taste? Impossible! Well, we refused to accept that. So we started mixing & baking a few simple ingredients, combined them with everything Mikey learned from some of the world’s greatest fine-dining chefs, and Mikey’s was born. Our mission: to give you great tasting clean-eating options for every meal, and in between.

Mikey was born to make food that tastes great

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mikey's owner behind the kitchen counter holding a box of mikey's original english muffins, smiling

meet Mikey

I did not take a typical path to entrepreneurship. Or to baking. At 13, I started working in professional kitchens after school. That fanned the flames of my passion for cooking, so I enrolled at the CIA. Not Langley, the Culinary Institute of America. After graduation, I worked at The French Laundry in Napa and Eleven Madison Park in NYC, two of the world’s elite kitchens. It was amazing, but limiting. So I moved on to bring my love of great tasting food to a larger audience with Mikey’s.

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fresh salmon recipe made with mikey's english muffins

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